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Article in the TAZ newspaper and a counterstatement

The project room Pappel44 was visited by a young writer, trying to get a hold in that dying collossos called the publishing business by doing an internship. Due to the loss of a notebook and pressure from the editor the final article unfortunately contained a few factual mistakes like misquoting, the misspelling of names and the rather absurd creation of a "individual collective of expansionary anarchists". Since this text can now not only be found in the archives of the TAZ (following this link), but has also been discovered in different realms of the internet, (following this link), it seems like a counterstatement is needed, to portray this scene from a different perspective. The text that was penned on the night of the reporters visit can now be downloaded below:


Videos of Dan K. Sigurd across the web and on TV

Dan K. Sigurd can be seen in this documentary about the Recycled Creativity Festival 2017:

Dan K. Sigurd can be seen in the short film "Out of Order":

Dan K. Sigurd wrote a poem for someone in Mauerpark who made this video, featuring his words:

Dan K. Sigurd can also be seen in this episode of the Canadian documentary series "Rires Du Monde", where he wrote the following poem for the host:

What is German humour?
does it exist at all
I know it does not stand tall
in the ranking of countries
the German mentality
we see
in book and on TV
is one of bitterness
and serious philosophy
it's odd
after all humour is tragedy
and we had
lot's of horrors
we now regret
maybe we just have to wait
a little bit longer

Pictures from Mauerpark

The photographer Peter Kagerer shot a picture of Dan K. Sigurd in Mauerpark that was exhibited in the Fotogalerie Friedrichshain, as well as on his blog Hauptstadtmenschen

The exhibition was well recieved by the press. An article by Der Tagesspiegel picked up on Mr. Sigurds excentric day job:

"'An Berlin reizt mich das Spannungsverhältnis zwischen den Menschen und wie sie in die Räume gesetzt sind.' Dem lässt sich in der aus 2000 Fotos ausgewählten Schau in beklemmenden Stillleben vom Straßenstrich Kurfürstenstraße, in warmherzigen Kreuzberger Kneipenszenen oder in lakonischen Aufnahmen kurioser Dienstleistungen („Ich höre zu“, „Gib mir drei Wörter und drei Euro, ich gebe dir ein Gedicht“) im Mauerpark nachspüren."

A picture of Dan at his Typewriter also ended up on Notes of Berlin

And he ended up on the Instagram accounts of these photographers

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Dan K. Sigurd at the movies

Dan K. Sigurd's experimental short Loop&Port was screened at the Lichtblick Kino in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

His documentary about the Recycled Creativity Festival premiered at the Kulturlabor Trial & Error

And his short film "God in the Park" had its premiere at the Open Air Cinema on Tempelhofer Feld

Dan K. Sigurd has also performed numerous times (as you can see here and here) at the Zukunft Kino in Berlin-Friedrichshain

Furthermore he frequently works as an extra in Hollywood Productions and writes filmcritiques about them that you can find following this link or by klicking on the V-shaped button beneath.